WOC Rising Sun | Tickets

Anyone who has already bought a ticket for WOC 3.0 (2020) or WOC 3.0 Reloaded (2021) can automatically use it for WOC 3.0 (2022). Alternatively, the ticket can also be used for the WOC Rising Sun (2021).

WOC Rising Sun

01.-03. Oktober 2021, Brozek, Polen

You can only get tickets for the WOC Rising Sun via our booking system

To the booking system

The player ticket includes:

  • Arrival from September 30, 2021 from 14:00
  • Access to the event / game / mission area
  • Event campsite for your own tent including parking space
  • approx. 36 hours of possible playing time (day and night game, special missions)
  • Use of the infrastructure provided
  • On site when registering: player wristband + “player bag”
  • One ticket for participation in the raffle (additional tickets can be purchased for EUR 2.00 per ticket at the Orga stand / JTG stand


You can conveniently book your tickets and pay directly using our new booking system. You will then receive a ticket to print out as a PDF. If you don’t have a printer, you can have the ticket sent to you by post.

Alternatively, you can also use our new mobile phone ticket! Simply log in to events.world-of-conflict.com with your mobile phone, go to “Bookings” and then to “Handyticket”.

If you have already booked a ticket (e.g. for WOC 3.0), you have to have this transferred to our new ticket system. To do this, register in the forum at events.world-of-conflict.com and open a new support ticket. We will then assign the booking to your account.

A return of tickets is not possible, but if you cannot come, you can resell your ticket and have it transferred to another person. You have to tell us about this. After changing the name to another name, you will receive a confirmation from us.

A later division into the platoons is done by the platoon leader in consultation with you or after ticket sales or receipt.

To register at the event, please bring your ticket and your identity card with you. At the event you will receive your player wristband and your faction ID card when you register.

Widerrufsrecht / Auszug aus unseren AGB´s § 7 Eventticket´s Die Regelungen zum Widerruf und Rückgaberecht bei Fernabsatzverträgen sind aufgrund von § 312b Abs. 3 Nr. 6 BGB nicht auf Ticketkäufe anwendbar. Dies bedeutet, dass ein zweiwöchiges Widerrufs- und Rückgaberecht nicht besteht. Gekaufte Tickets werden grundsätzlich nicht zurückgenommen.