WOC Rising Sun | Story

The last few years have been fatal and yet, they are only the beginning of a change that will affect us all. The world has changed due to the power struggle between large corporations and small states, flanked by a global pandemic. The world as we know it from our childhood is no longer the same. A shift in values has also crept in that seems unstoppable. The rapidly growing hunger, or rather the gigantic need for resources, vaccines, technologies, cultivation areas and mineral resources such as cobalt and rare earths, determine daily life.

One of the last known “free fighters” are the LostRaiders, who enable the remaining population to survive in remote areas. Through their “humanitarian” raids and the “sale” of “captured”, abandoned technologies, artifacts, energy sources and rare natural resources, the LostRaiders succeed in regrouping and repositioning themselves. The influx of “dissatisfied” and “deserted” soldiers from the remaining world armies strengthens the ranks of the small but steadily growing armed force.

By recovering a crashed private machine in the “New Lakhota” land area, it was possible to obtain information about numerous deposits of natural resources, energy and technology carriers and a mining field for rare earths by evaluating a search drone.

A civil science team under the direction of “WHOW” has been missing in the “operational area” for two weeks. Due to the limited resources of WHOW, the JTG CORPORATION was “unofficially” tasked with searching for the missing team. If this succeeds, one would not object to the “peaceful” appropriation of the area by CORP “publicly”.

The recruitment of multinational forces is in full swing and the orders for the JTG CORP are being drafted. For the world public it is a rescue mission, for the internal structure of forces around securing resources and the “peaceful” annexation of an area that is rich in mineral resources. There are also other sealed, secret envelopes enclosed with the deployment orders, which may only be opened in the “target area”. The deployment file of this deployment operation bears the name “RISING SUN”. A central place of “peace” is the village / trading post in the land area “New Lakhota”. In the “NEW POINT” trading post, in this already slightly fortified cluster of houses, is the social center of the population in the area. This is where people trade, swap, eat, celebrate and drink, and go about everyday things in life. The “mercenaries” have also been quartered here for some time. The mercenaries are available for almost any “job offer”, and their loyalty is measured by the respective wallet of the customer. The “Zur schwangernden Auster” bar is an ideal place to exchange messages. In the trading post you will find the “swap exchange” and numerous characters that you should get to know for a successful mission. In the village there is also the “Poststation”, as well as an information stand about the “Taxi Service”.