WOC 3.0 | Tickets

Anyone who has already bought a ticket for WOC 3.0 (2020) or WOC 3.0 Reloaded (2021) can automatically use it for WOC 3.0 (2022). Alternatively, the ticket can also be used for the WOC Rising Sun (2021).

WOC 3.0

July 7-10, 2022, Czech Republic

Tickets for the WOC 3.0 Reloaded are only available from Jackets to Go

The WOC 3.0 Reloaded Event Ticket or the tickets will be sold in 2 waves. – first wave for 89, – euros / in the period from the start of ticket sales until 02/29/2022 – second wave for 99, – Euro / in the period 01.03.2022 to 20.06.2022, or when we close ticket sales

The player ticket and the larp ticket include:

  • Arrival from Wednesday, July 6th, 2022 from 14:00
  • Access to the event / game / mission area
  • Campsite for your own tent / team tent including parking space
  • approx. 36 hours of possible playing time (day and night game, special missions)
  • Use of the Dixies and the infrastructure provided
  • On site when registering: player wristband + “player bag” (consisting of a drinking cup, a spoon, a glow stick, surprise.)
  • On site when registering: one ticket to participate in the raffle. Additional lots can be purchased for 2 euros per lot at the Orga stand / JTG stand

There is currently no ticket sales for WOC 3.0. As soon as we start selling tickets, we will let you know!