Headline: The Black Company / United Force has joined the JTG CORP. The confirmation has just come from the headquarters of the JTG CORP, that the Black Company has joined with its powerful emergency vehicles and its experienced teams / units. According to the commander of the task force “VORBIE”, this “iron fist” will ensure that the LostRaiders no longer dare to come out of their holes and remain in a state of shock like scared rabbits. Your WOC team

VORBIE / Leader of the Corp

VORBIE the leader of the JTG CORP, the military, has just sent us a short speech. The CORP / military is massively upgrading and is already very confident of victory. In addition to numerous in-game vehicles, tightly organized units, reconnaissance units, outposts, etc., the LostRaiders will face a serious opponent he. Your WOC Team

JTG Berlin