The Story

World of Conflict 3.0 / First On Field – 2021

I felt like Domino Day, like stone by stone, like blows to beat, the explosions shook our bunker ….. In the memory of the radio, the abbreviated voice message is as burned, „….. found weapons factory … storm .. … a grenade was probably detonated in a HQ … “

What no one knew was that this small grenade was the trigger for a whole chain reaction, like a fuse that burns out with a time delay. Under the old building of the HQ were cellar rooms, which of course were connected to other basements. All filled in for decades and filled with bad things.

I was just about to change the guard in an advanced battle booth and was instructed by my predecessor in the terrain and the situation. A cheerful mood was in the air, but somehow the air was „electrifying“ as after a thunderstorm. Then suddenly everything was dark and as if ball lightning hit each other, the hell broke out …… I do not know when I woke up, everywhere there was a smell of sulfur, fire and lilies that confused me even more. The daylight was dark and streaked with strange colored stripes. Nothing was as it should be …. only the colored ash rain illuminated my mood a little bit. Eyewitness report, per voicemail. PM Tomas Huck, first squad …..

Management Report, after using the reconnaissance drones of JTG CORP:

In scanned area „X7“, still massive heat fields and individual radiation fields, thus no 100% scan possible for survivors. After flying over several times, we can say with certainty that almost all forms of life have virtually dissolved into „air“. However, as we have already guessed, our scanners show one or more „rare earth“ fields, as well as storage units that may not be of natural origin. Our field agents were able to make their way to outlying areas in good time and have already started evaluating the transmitted data, largely without prejudice in the Evak bunkers. They urgently recommend the dispatch of military units to secure this area for the JTG CORP, or to ensure that it can start sampling soon. Due to sources of external radiation that could not be located, our field agents could not guarantee the encryption of status messages. We suspect that the radio traffic was intercepted. Since already isolated tangos were spotted.

Crisis Operation Center of JTG Corp, WC

Short Operation Discription

About the drone pictures we have a very good map of the field for the operation „First On Field“.

Order for the CORP: – Exploration and protection of parts of the application area – Setting up and running a HQ – Location-based establishment and operation of one or more advanced posts or security and reconnaissance posts, as well as checkpoints – Connection with the „population“ – Information gathering – securing of mining areas and salvage points – Search and Destroy – Search and Rescue – the rest you see on field …

Order for the RAIDERS: – Exploration and protection of parts of the application area – Setting up and running a HQ – Mountains of things that you can „sell off“ – Ensuring things that are „valuable“ and that you can resell – Connection with the „population“ – „disturb“, discourage, decimate ….. the CORP – the rest you see on field …