The Story behind WOC

What is World-Of-Conflict?

The WOC is a Living Larp, MilSim, Airsoft Event, or just a super hot event that’s like plunging into a world of its own.

In June 2018, the first WOC took place. Thanks to the WOC family (SupportTeams, Refs, sponsors, players teams, every single player at WOC 1.0), it was not really important at the end of the event who won, but when this unique story continues.

And soon, the world of WOC 3.0 will reopen in June 2021, on a new playing field in the Czech Republic. The new field has a surface area of ​​approximately 400 hectares and should be familiar to some of you from the Lizzard and Protector.

Thanks to its road network, the new event area is perfectly suited for the use of InGame-vehicles.

The WOC 3.0 will stimulate all your senses, leaving you knackered and dead beat after the core playtime of about 36 hours. Nevertheless, the things you will experience on the WOC will give you quite an adrenaline rush.

Most importantly: You are a part of this world. Be open to try new things, make an effort to make this fun for everyone, use your brain, and get hooked on a high, nothing quite like you’ve experienced before.

Factions: Currently there are two major opposing groups, the „JTG CORP“ as the military faction and the „LOST RAIDERS“.

Furthermore, there is also a small group of mercenaries. You’ll most likely find them selling their services in the moonshine bar at the Tradingpost.

The WOC is a living, breathing story. Just in real life, you have to expect the unexpected. Change can lurk around every corner. Always remember: You’re the author of your own story.

Use the time that is given to you and make something out of it. And remember: change is half the fun in life.

Charly from JTG