The JTG Corp is the abbreviation for Joint Task Group Corporation, a more detailed description is „classified top secret“ and therefore not for public space. It can be described as an umbrella organization (military / industrial / pharmaceutical / multinational).

Joint Task Force is the term for multinational forces that are put together across contantions for fixed or temporary tasks

The units of the CORP are divided into squads, groups, units.

This Units perform various tasks.


Allowed are

  • Nato camouflage colors and uniforms for Europe
  • if possible wear a helmet
  • ChestRig, Plate Carrier, etc.
  • Ghillie’s

Order of the CORP: – Exploration and protection of parts of the application area – Setting up and running a HQ – Location-based establishment and operation of one or more advanced posts or security and reconnaissance posts, as well as checkpoints – Connection with the „population“ – Information gathering – securing of mining areas and salvage points – Search and Destroy – Search and Rescue – the rest will not reveal …