Lost Raiders

When the dam is broken…

the RAIDERS flow like the wild tide into the country. With an overwhelming force in search of raw materials, weapons, ammunition, foodstuffs, means of payment, drugs, technologies, after all, everythingk they can use for making money.

The RAIDERS are always ready for a RAID / Raid, corruption is in their blood. However, they have a big heart and their „family“ is very important. The RAIDERS are a colorful and organized force, which has a basic tactical knowledge. The RAIDERS are led by „EL Pancho“ a 


No complete and uniform uniform with the same colors. (except reconnaissance patrols). Pants and top should be different.

Regulations regarding clothing:

  • Military pants allowed YES Military tops allowed NO (or uni, so not with camo)
  • Tops allowed: Denim jackets, leather jackets, Caro shirts, lumberjack shirts, designer blouses, velvet and silk, the main thing not military
  • Outlaw Style, Custom Style
  • Headgear everything except helmets allowed (camouflaged Boonie’s could be mistaken for the distance with helmets!)
  • ChestRig, Plate Carrier, BattleBelt, etc, also Vest´s, make a mix so that the result is you look not like a SF military
  • Ghillie´s and Sniper suits for the Snipers and Recons.

The Order / Job – Exploration and protection of parts of the application area – Setting up and running a HQ – catching lot of things that can „sellf“ – Ensuring things that are „valuable“ and that you can resell – Connection with the „population“ – „disturb“, discourage, decimate … the CORP – the rest you see in field