LARP characters

At the Trading Post and on the field, you will encounter a variety of Larp characters that you can or should interact with.

Over time, we will introduce some „roles“ here. Maybe you also feel like contributing your Larp character to the event. As a central starting point for the „larp“ is the trading post / Handelsposten or the village. In addition to the Moonshinebar (for contacts and for information gathering, or the Recruitment of mercenaries), you will find the „change station“ (we have two „ingame currencies“), the weapon dealer and some surprises in which you can actively participate. Here are some examples to suggest: postman, tea station, fortune teller, landowner, lumberjack, hunter, etc..

for example

 The Lumberjacks

The RedNecks

Order of the Holy Light

On the picture you see „Paladin of Iskariot“. The Chief Executer of the Order of the Holy Light with the Holy Enola! The order of the holy light sees itself as a mediator, impartial, listener, pioneer and guardian of peace, sacred weapons and artifacts! The one with the epic force of arms to put your interests and others through! „He who loves peace prepares for war!“ At the end of the tunnel a light shines as well. You see very crazy people, but „Paladin“ makes excellent small bottles of alcohol, you will love it 😉