Here we answer your questions in detail.

Effective 19.12.19

How and where you can spend the night on the event site. Can I or our team bring my own team tent? Can we put that up in our faction HQ area if our team wants to sleep in-game.

Due to the large event area, there are various options where you can spend the night. Different possibilities, which we will explain again specifically in a livestream. Since you can also spend the night in the so-called Sleepingpoints during the „season“, there are various options.

You have no tent: – In the offzone we set up a few military tents in which you can spend the night, here it is necessary that we get in touch with you in order to reserve a place for you. – During the „season“ there are also a few military tents in the respective HQs (here we also need a registration from you). – We already have a few teams that rent a military tent from a tent rental company on site, we are happy to mediate here.

You have a tent: The tent is a colorful „circus tent“, here we recommend the campsite in the off zone, or it is „larp technically“ brought into the village. You have a military tent or a tent that you can „camouflage“. You can set this up for him in the camping area in the offzone. However, you also have the option of this during the „season“ e.g. to be set up in the HQ area. We have transport options, or we provide them. The construction of the HQs is expected to begin on Thursday with a pre-command. So if you only arrive on Thursday and you want to spend the night in the HQ, there is the possibility to set it up in the HQ. However, the dismantling is important on Saturday, as we move to the offzone on Saturday evening when the game is over.

A form will be sent to you in February for the exact procedure or reservation. This will ask where you are staying, whether you want to spend the game night in the game. Which game type you are, etc. This serves to refine the logistical process and for the mission process or the mission end planning. (If all players play at nigh in the field, the Chippendales don’t need to perform on the event stage that evening.)

Question: Is it possible to rent a military tent for our team at the WOC event?

Answer: Yes, but from an external resident tent rental, where we also rent our tents. From January we will set up a „requirement form“. The current price for the rent of a 5×5 tent is about 80, – Euro. We pass on the binding request, but you have to pay the tent on the WOC event direct to the tent company. Important you have to raise and lower your tent by yourself. (Rental price is just the tent, without building up and down, etc .. also you have to culated still a deposit, but we still give you the info in january.) Transportation if you have to build up the tent in the HQ is no problem, your fraction has a military transport vehicles.

Question: Will there be bracelets to really make sure which team I have in front of me, or will it really only be recognizable by the clothes?

Answer: Each fraction has its own separate bracelets, so when you see the bracelet, you can tell which fraction the player belongs to. Up to now, folding bracelets are planned: – Corp – Raiders – Mercenary – Larpplayer – Orga

The bracelets are also be checked at various points, so that no „unauthorized“ creeps in. Furthermore, the player number is on the bracelet, or a number associated with the player. The bracelet or number is also recorded, e.g. for the Chronostation. The number on the player’s tape is then also the lot number for the raffle of the main prizes.

Question: Is it possible to rent a Nightvision?

Answer: Yes Tom from NightTec is back again.

Question: Is the total size of the pitch used or is the field still limited?

Answer: It is used the complete field size.

Frage: Ist der Spielfeldrand erkennbar?

Answer: It will be seen all about 10m tapes so the borderline is clearly visible. In addition, signs are set up on roads / paths.

Question: Are there any options to buy Taginn products locally?

Answer: We will announce which shops will be on site.

Question: How many Marshalls / Trusties will there be?

Answer: Of course numbers will not betray 🙂 But they will meet you already.

Question: Are drones allowed?

Answer: Definitely yes but always at the very risk of damage to the environment and man.