WOC 3.0 | Event Ground Information

The WOC event will take place in 2021 on for the WOC new and 400 hectare big field in the Czech Republic. We are proud of the new cooperation with „Riggs“, the owner of www.anareus.cz. „Riggs“ has successfuly organized since years, the „Operace Kandahar“, „Operace Lizzard“ and the „Protector“. So the WOC 3.0 takes place on the grounds of Lizzard and Protector. Those of you who already play on the Lizzard can confirm the terrain size.


Depending on which motorway you take, or from which country you arrive, use the route plans of google maps, which you can select from the map.

GPS DATEN: Latitude: 50.651742 | Longitude: 14.797372

50°65’17.42″N 14°79’73.72″E

Parking for campers

You arrive with a Campvan? No problem. Just get in touch with the „Offzone crew“, then you will be instructed in special parking areas. In advance, inform your squad leader of your faction so we can reserve a place for you.

Staying in the Offzone, later in the HQ’s

During the official „season“ you have the following possibility of sleeping / resting: – in the offzone – in the respective HQ’s – if you are a „Larp player“ in the trading post / Handelsposten – For sleeping there are so-called „Sleepingpoint’s“, terrain points present in the HQs or faction leaders, e.g. can also be set up as an advanced base or observation point, etc. – Players used as snipers or reconnaissance can „rest“ in the respective areas of operation.

Tents in the HQ´s

As standard equipment of the HQ’s are available – a 5×5 military tent as „HQ tent“ for the faction leader, as well – two / three 5×10 military tents for the players Important: Due to the situation, it may be that your faction must also build up and down these tents, e.g. in a situation-related change of location of the HQ’s. Of course you can also set up your tents or team tents in the respective HQs, please discuss this with your group or fraction leader.

Picture take from airsoftwars

Rest in the Offzone In the Offzone are two 5x 10 military tents as accommodation for the players available. Talk to your faction with your platoon leader when and where you want to stay overnight. Of course you can also set up tents / team tents in the offzone. The „Offzone-Crew“ around „Hotte“ and his team will be your contact person. If you are staying in the off-season during „playtime“, use your so-called „vacation ticket“, which you need, for example. for passing checkpoints or for the „man on field information“ of your faction.

Please keep in mind that the event lasts about 36 hours – you should spend it in the field if possible!


In the forest means „outdoor“ so we use the well-known Dixies. Dixies in sufficient quantities can be found at the following stations: – Offzone – HQ of the CORP – HQ of the „Lost Raiders“ – Trading post / Handelsposten / the village

Important, the Dixies are also emptied and refilled on Friday / Saturday, please pay attention to the cleanliness. The Dixies are also checked for cleanliness, we also recommend a few sheets of „toilet paper“ in your equipment.

Pictures take from airsoftwars

Water – water supply

The water supply is provided via containers / canisters. In the offzone and in the trading post / Handelsposten are each a 4000 liter water container, which will be full up on Friday. The respective assigned „logisticians“ in the fractions are responsible for the water supply of their fractions. Please be sparing with the water (drinking water / from an external company waterworks), treated the water as a resource that could be scarce in the „game“ times.

Food, drinks in the offzone

In the offzone is also the „catering area“. In this area there is a grill stall owned by the wife of „Riggs“ (as well as on the Lizzard and Protector). There are cheap prices, steaks, burgers, sausages, fried eggs, bacon, barbecue camember and much more. Of course you can also feed yourself. For the inveterate Milsimer, of course, there is also the possibility to acquire MRE’s in the offzone and in the trading post. In the offzone, there is almost around the clock, the opportunity to get cheap food and drinks. There will also be a small assortment of food and beverages at the trading post, especially for the InGame currency.